Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Reclaiming Public Water explained

Reclaiming Public Water is a global network of water activists, civil society campaigners, trade unionists, water experts, water professionals and academics that have joined together in the call for public water. The network was formed during the World Social Forum in Mumbai in 2004, in recognition that privatisation was failing to deliver water to those who needed it most and that a new vision was needed.

The network has produced a book entitled Reclaiming Public Water which contains a number of case studies of water struggles around the world and successful fights to reclaim water in public hands. This book has been extremely successful in inspiring others that a there are alternative models of water supply.

The book has been translated into a number of languages, and in April 2007 is being launched in India in three different Indian languages.

Four members of the network have travelled to India as part of a speaker tour to launch the book and also to meet with activists and decision makers, to share experiences and learning and to promote public water for all.

The four international speakers are:
Santiago Arconada (Venezuela)
Julian Perez (Bolivia)
OlivierHoedeman (The Netherlands)
Tamsyn East (UK)
Dr V Suresh (India)

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